Source: NwoReport

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker dispatched his fundraising for his Senate campaign as he tries to unseat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia in November’s midterm elections.

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On Wednesday, the former professional and college football star running back, who received a Heisman Trophy and helped bring the University of Georgia to a national championship, announced that his campaign garnered nearly $10 million in fundraising from his late August launch through the end of last year. Walker’s campaign also reported pulling in $5.4 million during the October-December fourth quarter of fundraising.

Walker’s team, which shared their fundraising figures first nationally with Fox News, showcased that their effort the past three months came from

44,364 individual donors from all 50 states.

“As we travel all over the Peach State, we are meeting thousands of hardworking Georgians who are fed up with the direction our country is headed,” Walker said in a statement as he highlighted his fundraising figures. “Though I have been blessed with many amazing opportunities, running for the U.S. Senate to represent my home state is the greatest honor and privilege of my life. We could not do it without your help and are looking forward to winning the primary in May and the general election in November.”


Walker is deemed the ostensible front-runner in the GOP primary, thanks to his high name endorsement in the Peach State and the praise he got from former President Donald Trump – who for months backed Walker’s run and remains very popular and influential among Republican voters in Georgia and across the country. And recent polling suggests Walker holds a wide lead over his Republican rivals.

Walker campaign manager Scott Paradise touted that “this massive fundraising haul, likely the largest in the country for a non-incumbent, shows that Georgia Republicans are clearly united behind Herschel Walker and are ready to take on Senator Warnock.”


Four other Republicans are running for the GOP Senate nomination in the Peach State. They are Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Latham Saddler, a businessman, former National

Security Council official during the Trump Administration and former Navy SEAL officer, Kelvin King, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and businessman, and businessman and former state representative Josh Clark.

Walker has had a carefully scripted campaign since jumping into the race, and his critics continue to note that Walker, as a first-time candidate, is untested under criticism on the campaign trail and has not made it clear where he stands on some key issues. And they highlight that Walker comes with plenty of potential political baggage that could give his adversaries ammunition – from his well-documented struggles with a mental illness known as dissociative identity disorder, and accusations by his ex-wife of being “physically abusive.”