Source: NwoReport

A Progressive NYC Democrat councilwoman, who aspires to abolish the police, ignited a firestorm of fury after tweeting condolences to the family of the man who killed to cops and was killed in return.

“My deepest condolences to the families of Officer [Jason] Rivera, Officer [Wilbert] Mora, and Lashawn McNeil,” Harlem Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan tweeted on Tuesday, referencing the killer mere hours after Mora was taken off life support following the double-murder in her district.

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“Lives lost due to broken public safety & mental health systems that spare nobody. Harlem stands with the families of the fallen and we will not stop fighting for a safer world for all.”

Rivera, a 22-year-old rookie cop, died at the scene of Friday’s shooting, which began after cops were called to a domestic violence incident by McNeil’s mom.


McNeil, 47, was shot during the ensuing disturbance and passed away Monday, with Mora, 27, succumbing to his wounds in hospital on Tuesday.

Jordan – who proclaims herself to be a “Black, lesbian, activist, teacher” on her website, was slammed by multiple NYPD officers over the bad-taste tribute.

One Bronx-based cop told the New York Post: “How could she mention a coward, cold-blooded murderer in the same sentence as two heroes?

Another officer from Brooklyn raged: “I find it very disturbing to see the perp’s name in the same sentence as the two heroes who are not even buried yet.”

Another Manhattan cop was also dumbfounded by her tweet, expressing: “She put the names of our dead cops with their killer in the same breath she wishes condolences.”

Many commenters on Twitter reacted in a similar vein, denouncing Richardson Jordan’s statement mourning McNeil

as “grotesque” and “disgusting.”

“He assassinated two police officers, and would’ve killed more, as well as quite possibly his own family members,” one user wrote. “Why are you mentioning him in your comments?”

Another chimed in: “this is one of the most repulsive uses of conflation & moral equivalence to lump good and evil together and inject personal politics. Setting

ethical decrepitude aside, it represents the protected Alt/Left faction’s view of being above the law but consuming the lives of protectors.”

Jordan has called for police departments to be abolished, despite soaring crime across NYC. The lawmaker wants cash invested into “community safety” measures instead, even though the defund and abolish the police movements have proved poisonous among many liberal voters and were blamed for Joe Biden’s narrower-than-expected election win over Donald Trump in November 2020.

Mora, 27, died at NYU Langone Medical Center on Tuesday, four days after police reported McNeil shot him and his partner, Rivera, 22, as they responded to a domestic disturbance call from the suspect’s mother. Rivera died on Friday.