Source: Aaron Zytle (AZ)

Was it or wasn’t it? That’s the question a lot of people in Oak Cliff, Texas are asking after somebody recorded some strange lights in the night sky on Wednesday, January 26.

Check out this video posted on DeDe in the Morning‘s Instagram page:

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For those who couldn’t see the Instagram video, here is the video from Youtube:

I’m on record as saying that it’ll take very strong evidence to convince me of UFOs and aliens, and although several videos have surfaced recently to get me closer to believing, I’m not so sure this one is making a very strong case.

Let’s Break it Down

First of all, this looks very familiar, kinda like a street light. Not one of those old school street lights, more like one of that new kind of streetlights you see going up in a recent year. The kind with multiple lights.

UFO Last Minute/YouTube
UFO Last Minute/YouTube

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…a Plane

The lights you see in the upper left corner are a plane flying into DFW Airport. Once it passes behind the “UFO,” it almost completely changes the dynamic of the video, making that “UFO” look more like a street light than an unidentified flying object.

attachment-UFO - Plane

Abduction Beam

This pic really shows more of the bottom of the mysterious light (pole), and if you watch the video, you see the bottom a lot.

UFO Last Minute/YouTube
UFO Last Minute/YouTube

Who’s Sayin’ What?

The comments are varied, with both believers and those that are seeing things more my way.



I’m going with a light pole, but Kudos to the person thinking they could fool us on this. That weed must be a powerful thing.