Source: Will

Lindsey Graham, the “Republican” Senator from South Carolina, likes to pretend that he’s one of those rock-ribbed conservatives fighting for our rights.

Whenever he has time to prepare an act and make ready an excuse for not taking real action, he’ll be the loudest-mouth conservative there it, jabbering on and on about how he’s just around the corner from really taking a hammer to the left.

Of course, it’s all an act, as Lindsey shows us whenever he speaks off the cuff or sees an opportunity to flash his “bipartisanship” or “diversity” credentials.

The diversity opportunity came up recently when Justice Breyer decided to retire and President Brandon affirmed his 2020 pledge to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court if he got the opportunity.

Sensing an opportunity to ingratiate himself to those who would never in a million years vote for him, Lindsey took to the airwaves to present himself as a bloviating idiot that cares deeply about diversity that’s literally skin deep. Watch him here

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