Covid-crazed bureaucrats having a standoff with a pissed off working class

Source: NwoReport

A large convoy of truckers on Monday blockaded a US-Canada border crossing outside Alberta leading to the capital of Ottawa.

The massive blockade began as a trucker protest at the Coutts, Alberta-Sweet Grass, Montana border crossing in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa over the weekend.

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The blockade was formed along the southbound lane of Alberta Highway 4 that connects Calgary, Albert to Helena, Montana.

On Monday, Canadian authorities responded by sending police and towing vehicles to intimidate the truckers.

Facing fines of $10,000 for a first offense or $25,000, as well as jail time for a second, the blockade organizers prayed over their difficult decision to disperse or remain.

Certainly, the truckers would argue that government-mandated vaccines and lockdowns are also a “significant inconvenience” to their freedom.

This comes as Trudeau on Monday denounced the Freedom Convoy as “violent”, “hateful” and “racist” from his undisclosed safe house in a televised address.