Mandatory vaccines and green passports “nothing other than the introduction of HEALTH COMMUNISM,” says Austrian Freedom Party leader.

Source: NwoReport

Austria’s vaccine mandate went into effect on Tuesday, prompting the nation’s opposition leader to slam the draconian measure as “health communism” in a historic speech.

The mandate law requires residents 18 and older to take the experimental COVID mRNA injection or face steep fines and possibly jail time, and unelected Chancellor Karl Nehammer’s government is also imposing biannual booster shots via a Green Pass.

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Austrian Freedom Party (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) Leader Herbert Kickl delivered an impassioned speech on the floor of Parliament on January 20 condemning the government’s decision to openly move toward communism and a “Chinese social model.”

With this vaccination, ladies, and gentlemen, the way is being prepared for totalitarianism in Austria. It is nothing other than the introduction of HEALTH COMMUNISM.

It is a cruel irony of history that in order to fight a Chinese virus, we are introducing the Chinese social model in Austria, which is characterized by many things but not by freedom and democracy.

Totalitarianism: what the individual wants no longer counts, only what is good for the masses counts, and what is good for the masses will be dictated in the future by experts of the calibre of

Health Minister [Wolfgang] Mückstein, who will tell us what is good for the masses, and whoever does not comply will be persecuted like a criminal. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a door opener for dilettantism and arbitrariness in equal measure, and can never gain our [Freedom Party’s] approval.

Noting that other European countries like the UK, Denmark and Sweden are preparing to drop all COVID mandates, Austria is doubling down in defiance of the science.

While all others abolish the measures, you want to drive everybody from age 18 up to great-grandma to take the needle. This is really a piece of insanity that you are introducing here today.