Source: Steve Watson

Ted Cruz grilled Biden’s nominee for judge of the Central District of California, with a disturbing outcome

Joe Biden’s nominee for United States district judge for the Central District of California refused to answer when asked Tuesday whether or not she believes racial discrimination is wrong.

Kenly Kiya Kato, who has been criticized for espousing far-left viewpoints, was grilled by Senator Ted Cruz at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and didn’t do herself any further favors during her appearance.

Cruz asked Kato “Is racial discrimination wrong?” to which the judge replied “Senator, our Constitution prohibits race discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of race.”

When Cruz asked the question again, Kato replied “Senator as a judge, I don’t deal with issues of morality or whether something you —”

“You have no views on whether it’s right or wrong?” Cruz interjected.

“Senator because that is an issue that is frequently litigated before the courts pursuant to Canon three of the Code of Conduct,” Kato replied.

While Cruz got Kato to admit that “pursuant to Supreme Court precedent, race discrimination under the law is prohibited,” he then went on to note how Harvard Law School has been sued repeatedly and taken to the Supreme Court for allegedly discriminating against Asian Americans.

In 2020, a Justice Department investigation concluded that Yale illegally discriminates against Asian Americans and White Americans in undergraduate admissions.

Cruz continued, “many top universities across the country have vicious discrimination policies against Asian Americans. They are reminiscent of the quotas against Jews that we saw these same schools imposed in the 1950s.”

“These schools believe that Asian Americans have been too successful academically and that if they allow students to compete based on merit, they’d have too many Asian Americans. And accordingly, Harvard and Yale and a number of the top schools in this country explicitly and brazenly discriminate against Asian Americans. Does that practice concern you?” Cruz asked.

Kato replied, “Senator Cruz as you know, the Supreme Court recently granted cert in the case to which I think you’re referring. And therefore pursuant again to Canon three. I am…”

“So you’re gonna decline to comment,” Cruz again interjected.

Biden nominated Kato at the end of last year and, much as he has with his promise to nominate a woman of color to the Supreme Court, talked up the woke point-scoring fact that Kato “would be the third AAPI woman judge to ever serve in the Central District of California.”

Conservatives have noted that Kato co-authored a book review as a law student that argued neo-conservative Asian-Americans internalize “the dialogue of oppressors, believing in the values of the status quo and condemning the activism of their group.”

When asked by GOP Senator Chuck Grassley about the 1995 comments, Kato replied she “had no recollection of what we were trying to convey.”

Cruz argued the book review conveyed that “to be sufficiently woke, an Asian American must support policies that discriminate against Asian Americans.”

Cruz pointed out that “The Biden Administration has a pattern of nominating left-wing activists to the bench. Kenly Kiya Kato is no exception.”