After threatening demonstrators with arrest if they didn’t move, Royal Canadian Mounted Police retreated when the truckers stood their ground

Source: Kelen McBreen

After Canadian police gave truckers demonstrating as part of the “Freedom Convoy 2022” protest an ultimatum to stop blocking the Canada-Montana border or be arrested, the grassroots group of working-class Canadians said they’d rather be hauled off in handcuffs than submit.

In videos uploaded online by Rebel News videographer Kian Simone, protesters can be seen asking to open up a line of communication between them and senior police officials.

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However, police representatives sent to negotiate told them, “If you do not wish to have your truck impounded and be arrested, you are being given the option to move out to your vehicle and leave. Once we start enforcement action, people will be arrested, trucks will be impounded and seized.”

Truckers were given a grace period to move their trucks, and those who don’t will allegedly be arrested.

Go to to help out with paying legal fees for those who may be apprehended.

Lawyer for the truckers Chad Williamson provided an update after police left, asking if law enforcement returns, “How the heck are they going to move these hundreds of rigs and pieces of agricultural, farm equipment, passenger vehicles? This is a problem that seems to be spreading across the country with other blockades in other locations. And while the RCMP have shut down negotiations with my team, we think it would be incumbent upon them to come back to the negotiation table.”