Source: Pratyaksha Mitra

Pyongyang/Washington: – North Korea announced that the missile test conducted on Sunday was a long-range missile, Hwasong-11, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Photographs captured by the ballistic missile from space during the test have been published. It is the first test of the Hwasong-11 missile since 2017. North Korea has drawn the world’s attention, including the United States, by conducting seven missile tests within the first month of this year.

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Moreover, Japan and South Korea had reported the missile test conducted by North Korea on Sunday morning itself. However, there was no official announcement from North Korea about this. On Monday, the government news agency of North Korea published the official report confirming the test.  


As per the report of news agency KCNA, a long-range ballistic missile was tested on Sunday morning to test the missile’s accuracy. Few photographs were also released showing them to have been captured from space with a camera fitted on the missile. It was also claimed that the missile attained a height of 2,000 kilometers.  

It has also been reported that the missile tested on Sunday can carry a nuclear warhead. The North Korean news agency said that the Hwasong-11 missile could target the US military base in Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Analysts claim that the successive tests being conducted by North Korea are a challenge to the Biden administration in the United States. A few days ago, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that the missile tests being conducted by North Korea are a threat to the international community.