Source: Elizabeth Anderson

In early June 2021, millions woke to a massive internet blackout as countless websites across the world went completely dark, including Amazon, CNN, and even the U.K. government.

The source of the outage was traced back to U.S.-based content delivery company Fastly. In a statement to the press, a Fastly representative described the outage as a “global disruption.”

Unfortunately, with Russia facing possible sanctions from the U.S. should the Russian military invade Ukraine, U.S. experts fear a cyberattack against our country in response.

According to Fox News, “A top cybersecurity official Saturday warned that the U.S. is ‘already in a warfare state’ with Russia and said it should prepare for cyberattacks coming out of Moscow.”

In the same article, R.P. Eddy, CEO of cybersecurity firm Ergo, says, “What is Russia’s next move? [Its] very likely to increase cyberattacks. It’s an easy move for them. That means U.S. states and U.S. private companies need to be taking this very seriously.”

Take a minute to reconsider the chaos in June 2021 when Fastly suffered an outage. Then, several major websites, including government websites, went down for several hours, hindering business, communication, and more.

A cyber attack from Russia has the potential to do much worse damage.

Fox News explains, “The cyber expert pointed to the 2017 NotPetya malware attack on critical Ukrainian sectors including power grids, businesses, and government agencies. But what started out as a component of a suspected Russian attack on Ukraine spread throughout Europe and reportedly cost billions.”

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