Open Records Request Reveals Strange Behavior From GA Secretary Of State Raffensperger's Office When Unveiling Dominion Voting Machines In 2019

Source: CD Media

Correction 2 Feb 7:00 am EST: Jan Lin was a councilman at Johns Creek during the event, not Gwinnett County where the event was held.. He was later appointed to multiple boards in GA, including the Kemp transition team.

C-Media has written about former Johns Creek, GA City Councilman Jay Lin and his ties to GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Johns Creek is a wealthy North Atlanta suburb that has a large Asian community, some with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Johns Creek is a hi-tech-focused area and a juicy target for the CCP.

We also reported that Jay Lin’s campaign manager for the Chinese community, Yale Xiao has circumstantial links to the Chinese Communist Party.

CDMedia filed an open records request at the GA Secretary of State’s office last March for any communications with Jay Lin. We finally received the information this month.

We are beginning to go through 3,000 records but have found some interesting information at first glance.

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