Source: Breitbart

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have confirmed to Breitbart News that no officers have been assaulted by protesters at the Alberta border blockade despite the assertion from the province’s Premier, Jason Kenney, that they had.

The blockade – in which truckers protesting various Canadian coronavirus mandates by blocking the highway used as an international border crossing between Coutts, Alberta, and Sweet Grass, Montana – is part of what has become known as the “Freedom Convoy,” which also has conducted large demonstrations in Ottawa, the nation’s capital.

At a press conference Tuesday, Kenney called for “calm” and said that he had heard reports of “people allied with the protesters assaulting RCMP officers, including one instance trying to ram members of the RCMP [with a vehicle].”

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“This kind of conduct is totally unacceptable,” Kenney continued. “Assaulting law enforcement officers who were simply doing their job to maintain public safety and the rule of law is completely unacceptable.”

A fast-growing Facebook group called “Convoy to DC 2022” is calling upon American truckers to amass a convoy to head to Washington, DC to protest Joe Biden’s restrictive COVID measures.

As first reported by Rebel News, the assault claim was untrue, and RCMP Cpl. Curtis Peters, who is on the ground in Coutts, independently confirmed to Breitbart News that no such assault took place, and the incident with the vehicle was an accident that occurred between civilians.

“There were no RCMP officers assaulted,” he said. “There was an assault that took place between two civilians. One of them was a protester who had been traveling the wrong way on a one-way lane of the highway and then got in a collision with an innocent person. … But we haven’t had any assaults of police.”

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