The host said democracy is failing in the crime-riddled Democrat-run city

Source: Daily Mail

Fox News host Tucker Carlson swatted away excuses from the Baltimore school system and name-calling by the city’s mayor as he again took the Democrat-run bastion to task for letting down its students and its citizens.

‘Last night we dared to tell you about the ongoing tragedy of the city of Baltimore, one of the great American cities,’ Carlson said on Wednesday. 

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A city filled with people in total misery, a city with people being murdered and children who can’t read.’

He noted that the mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott, responded angrily to his segment.

‘We don’t have any room for racist vitriol in our city or time for comments that don’t contribute towards building a better Baltimore,’ tweeted Scott, 37. 

‘I remain focused on reversing the deep-rooted systemic inequities that have plagued our communities for longer than Tucker Carlson has been alive.’

Carlson replied that there was ‘no definition of exactly why they are angry at us because we told the truth.’

The Baltimore schools district defended its floundering system and blamed the pandemic after Carlson singled out Patterson High School, where 77 percent of students were reading at an elementary level.

On Wednesday, the school district insisted that the scores cited were not the only marker of achievement for their students.