As the establishment continues with its Covid fearmongering, people around the world are catching the freedom bug!

Source: Kelen McBreen

As protests against Covid lockdowns, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates and other measures spread worldwide, America’s next generation is making its voice heard.

High school students in multiple states are engaging in peaceful civil disobedience to express their disapproval with their schools’ mask mandates.

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Footage out of Washington shows a Washougal High School student leading others in a demonstration.

The teen protester told “freshman and sophomore” students to be respectful to teachers when entering the campus without masks on, because, if not, “that makes us look bad.”

“We want this to be a peaceful, respectful movement,” he said to the group. “We are just trying to gain back our rights as citizens. The teachers, in the end, are just doing their jobs, it doesn’t come from them… it comes from the state.”

Next, the high school demonstration spokesperson told his fellow protesters that they want the school’s faculty kick them off campus.

“This sounds bad, but we’re hoping that they kick us out,” he explained. “Because they have to report that attendance to the state. And, if the state sees a day where a hundred kids are absent, they’re going to start asking questions. Our hope is that we can get this going statewide.”

The students acknowledged that they might get into trouble for their stunt, but vowed to continue demonstrating the following day.

“They can get me in trouble, they can suspend me,” the boy speaking to the crowd said. “I don’t care, we’re done with this. And, obviously all of you are too.”

Again, the protest leader reminded students participating to tell teachers “No, thanks” when offered a mask and to “go home” if staff ordered them to.

Video of the crowd attempting to enter the school, being offered face masks, and getting told to leave campus was also uploaded online.

Another Washington State demonstration against masks took place at Pe Ell High School.

Meanwhile, in Oakdale, California, students demonstrated by also refusing to wear masks.

Oakdale High School placed 200 unmasked students in the gymnasium.

The blatant act of segregation was documented by the Twitter account Let Them Breathe, which claims over 500 students in the Oakdale School District took place in the demonstration in total.