Source: Jordan Conradson

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake has a courageous plan to secure the U.S.-Mexico as the federal government fails to protect Arizona from invasion.

After covering news in Arizona as a career TV news anchor, Kari Lake has seen it all at Arizona’s southern border.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Kari Lake’s border policy, which will hold the federal government accountable and allow the states to take control of the deadly invasion.

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Dangerous drugs and criminals are pouring into Arizona communities as we speak. The federal government is abusing our tax dollars and relocating these illegal immigrants and drugs across our country.

In a recent interview with Tim Pool, Kari Lake said that it is time to sue the Biden regime for its failures.

 Kari Lake: I was down at the border, and within five minutes of arriving and stepping out of the vehicle, people were walking over under Joe Biden’s policy. President Trump’s policy, remain in Mexico policy was the best border policy I’ve ever seen in my 27 years covering Arizona. It worked. And Joe Biden came in on day one and pulled that, and now we’re seeing a crisis. We need to build the wall, and first of all, we need to sue the federal government for failing to protect us, and while that lawsuit is working its way through the system, let’s go down and start building the wall. We have many, many miles of Arizona state land we could be building an on, and let’s finish these little gaps. They’re coming through a funnel, where there’s a gap in the President’s wall, and it is on federal land, but let’s build the wall anyway. What’s Joe Biden going to do? Arrest a sitting governor? I would welcome that challenge because he’s failing at his duty. The federal government is failing us in Arizona.