“The medical-industrial complex has not earned the right to claim monopoly status on information about this virus or medicine in general,” noted left-wing comedian.

Source: Nworeport

HBO’s late-night host Maher had some choice words for the medical establishment, accusing them of peddling the lion’s share of fake news about COVID and the pandemic.

During his Friday show “Real-Time”, Maher explained how the medical establishment has been constantly putting out false talking points about the virus, the pandemic, and how to fight it.

“A study this week from a professor at Johns Hopkins concluded that the lockdowns we all suffered through had little impact in reducing COVID deaths. Okay, that’s kind of a big one to get wrong,” Maher noted.

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“Last July, President Biden said, ‘You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.’ Well, I already knew that was wrong then, and now we all do. The former Director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, believes COVID originated in a lab, and now our intelligence agencies agree, it might have. But for months on social media, it was banned to even discuss it.”

Maher continued listing off all the elements of the pandemic the medical establishment got wrong, including lockdowns, masks, and the experimental vaccines.

“Look, I’m not saying the medical establishment isn’t trying to figure shit out, or that they’re corrupt — although there is some of that,” Maher said. “But how about just wrong? Wrong a lot. Wrong about HIV, wrong about lockdowns, wrong about kids, wrong about how you couldn’t get it if you were vaccinated.”

“I’m just asking, how much wrong do you get to be while still holding the default setting for people who represent the science?” he continued. “Eat eggs, then don’t, then do. Take aspirin, then don’t, then do. The food pyramid, really? Bread and milk every day? Okay, you do you. Fifteen years ago, they were recommending trans fats. Now, they’re illegal, just like almost a hundred prescription drugs which were once called safe and effective and then yanked off the market because they were not.”

Though Maher couldn’t help projecting the left’s own criminality of stealing the 2020 election and cozying up to Communist China by insisting Republicans are the party of “stealing elections” and colluding with Russia, he still made a decent point about the medical establishment creating a “monopoly” on information while silencing anyone who challenged their narrative.

“It reminds me of how the Republicans are constantly doing traitorous things like trying to steal elections and inviting the Russians into the Oval Office and somehow, are still known as the party of patriotism,” Maher quipped.

“We’ve had this problem in medicine for a long time. The same people who, in private care, always say, get a second opinion, want to allow only one in the public debate. But plainly, the medical-industrial complex has not earned the right to claim monopoly status on information about this virus or medicine in general. Yes, free speech has allowed people to hear misinformation sometimes. And a lot of it was yours,” he added.