Source: Free West Media

Trust in the Austrian federal government is at an unprecedented low. This is the result of a representative flash survey conducted by the market research institute Integral on behalf of the Initiative for Evidence-Based Corona Information (ICI). Only 13 percent of respondents have “great confidence” in the federal government and 51 percent no longer have any. Therefore, one third would like to see new elections immediately.


On Thursday, Austria’s forced vaccination legislation was voted into law. It requires every Austrian adult – except pregnant women or those exempt for medical reasons – to get the shot.

A recent representative flash poll (n=500) by ICI – Initiative for Evidence-Based Corona Information – showed a huge loss of trust in politics however. For example, only four percent of respondents say they have a “very great deal of trust” in the coalition government. Nine percent have “rather great confidence”.

On the other hand, one third (32 percent) of the population say they have “no confidence at all” in the Turquoise-Green coalition. And as many as 19 percent say they have “rather no confidence”. This loss of trust is seen in all age groups and affects both men and women.

This is particularly dramatic in the case of the Greens, where only 26 percent still have great confidence in their government, but also in the case of their coalition partner, the ÖVP it is only 60 percent.

The massive dissatisfaction manifested itself in a call for new elections immediately. This wish is particularly strong among the younger population (16-29 years), where almost one in two (44 per cent) wanted an immediate ballot. Only half of the population (53 percent) currently feels represented by the parties elected to the National Council. The parties in government only appeal to nine percent (ÖVP) and eight percent (Greens) of the people.

Instead of taking care of the needs of the people, the government has overwhelmed them with one restriction after another in an authoritarian manner. Resistance to this kind of policy is growing, especially because the contradictions of the regulations as well as their senselessness are becoming more and more obvious.

“Soon everyone will know someone who has vaccination complications. It doesn’t help when the media and politicians persistently babble about a supposedly safe vaccination,” said doctor and ICI co-founder Dr Christian Fiala.

Why are more and more people falling ill, even though medicine and environmental protection have improved? And has anyone started to wonder why elections are useless?