Source: Breitbart

Soon Obama will be out of power as the Deep State he is running will be destroyed!

Former President Barack Obama is the latest left-wing figurehead to forgo a mask at his convenience, as photos show him overseeing the construction of his multi million-dollar beachfront mansion in Hawaii over the weekend while workers surrounding him wear face coverings.

According to reports, Obama, who appeared to be standing outside, spoke with workers from Armstrong Builders, all of whom were wearing masks, unlike the former president:

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According to the Daily Mail, “Construction has been mired in controversy because the project used a planning loophole to retain a sea wall that is almost certainly causing beach erosion.”

Ironically, Obama has moved forward with the construction of his multimillion-dollar beach mansion, despite his purported concerns over rising sea levels due to what he claims is climate change:

“What makes climate change difficult is that it is not an instantaneous catastrophic event,” he said in 2016. “It’s a slow-moving issue that, on a day-to-day basis, people don’t experience and don’t see.”

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