(Natural News) In acts of absurd desperation, we now see the White House and deep state propaganda rag mouthpiece publishers (WashPost, NYT, CNN, etc.) pushing aggressively to start a war with Russia. They’re working every angle to try to bait Putin into defending Russia’s borders against NATO provocations, and if they fail to get Putin to respond, U.S. and NATO forces will run their own false flag “attack” on Ukraine and immediately blame Russia.

The desperation behind all this is impossible to miss, and it begs the question: WHY does the Biden regime so desperately want to whip up war with Russia?

The answer, of course, is because creating a “greater emergency” (i.e. international war) will allow the Biden regime to further terrorize the American people in all sorts of malicious ways. It also creates a cover story for Biden’s disastrous economic failures that are already plunging millions of Americans into food scarcity, joblessness, and homelessness.

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