Source: Jim Hoft

On Monday, a Canadian judge dealt another shocking blow to the trucker convoy, outlawing one of the most effective tactics protesters have employed as they gridlock the Capital city of Ottawa – honking.

The truckers also announced on Monday they will shut down their honking at 8 PM.

Earlier in the day, as Julian Conradson reported earlier, Ontario superior court justice Hugh McLean issued a temporary 10-day injunction that prohibits protesters parked on city streets in downtown Ottawa from honking their horns after a group of central Ottawa residents filed a multimillion-dollar class-action lawsuit against the protesters.

On Monday night Greg Kelly on Newsmax interviewed trucker Gord Voth who is parked in Ottawa with several hundred freedom truckers.

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Gord Voth told Kelly the government is sending in a federal negotiator to meet with the truckers on Tuesday morning.
After a week of smears and lies, the government is finally ready to meet with the working-class movement.

Then tonight Justin Trudeau left his bunker to hurl more insults at the truckers.

Via Greg Kelly Reports.