Source: Caleb Howe

The massive protest underway in Ottawa and across Canada began with truck drivers objecting to vaccine mandates in their profession before expanding to a much larger rejection of almost all covid restrictions. On Tuesday, it is the “Freedom Convoy” truckers in the forefront again, as the busiest bridge between the United States and Canada has been brought to a standstill by dozens of trucks.

It’s a situation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says cannot be allowed to continue, and that CNN’s Paula Newton pointed out to anchor Kate Bolduan is not something President Joe Biden and his administration will be able to ignore.

“Truckers blocking the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit with Ontario, a huge thoroughfare, super important, halting commercial traffic at the border,” said Bolduan on Tuesday. “Hundreds of truckers have paralyzed the capital city of Ottawa, protesting vaccine requirements.”

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“Is it clear to you what’s going to end this at this point?” she asked Newton.

“Absolutely not,” Newton answered. “I’m telling you at the highest levels of government in this country, they are not clear about how this is going to end.”

Newton reported live from Ottawa on both the protest that has effectively shut down the Canadian capitol and is now halting traffic across the border bridge. It’s a crossing that accounts for as much as 27% of the $400 billion in trade across the border each year.

“The Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor is quite an escalation,” she said. “Look, I’ve been up and down these streets. I’ve spoken to them. They say they’re not going anywhere.”

“This started as a protest against that vaccine mandate. It has turned into so much more. People that are here saying, ‘Look, we want it all to end. We want all the restrictions gone now,’” she said, before airing a clip of Trudeau addressing an emergency parliament session.

“Everyone’s tired of COVID. But these protests, these protests are not the way to get through it,” Trudeau said in the clip. “Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop.”

” Yeah. The question is, how is it going to stop?” said Newton. “Justin Trudeau does not seem like he is going to be getting out here to negotiate or mediate anything.”

“At this point, they are saying that, look, this is a fringe minority. And yet people here say that is not the case, that there is a significant minority,” she continued. “Kate, I will tell you this isn’t something the Biden administration can ignore, especially given those bridge crossings. There could be impacts on the supply chain between the United States and Canada.”

“That’s a great point, Paula,” Bolduan accurately replied.

That would seem to be obviously the point of the blockade and the protest: To become impossible for authorities to ignore. It’s impossible for the world to ignore, as more and more footage streams onto the web every day.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the truckers’ protest this week already. Authorities and private companies are facing problems on multiple fronts.

Sooner or later the truckers’ demands, and those of the thousands of protesters on foot in Ottawa, will have to be addressed by one or both governments. One way or another.