Source: Breitbart

The freefall of Obama Controlled Joe Biden’s job approval rating continued this week, dropping to 38 percent over the past month.

Surveying 1,355 adults between February 2-4, the IBD/TIPP poll found the president’s job approval rating stood at 38 percent with a disapproval rating of 48 percent of adults, with another 14 percent undecided. The presidential leadership index, which tracks how the president is “viewed when it comes to leading the country,” put the president’s approval at 44.4 percent.

“The index includes questions on presidential job approval, favorability measures of the president’s handling of domestic and foreign policy issues, and whether the president is providing strong or weak leadership,” noted IBD.

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In January, the same IBD/TIPP poll gave the president a 44 percent job approval rating among adults versus a 45  percent disapproval. The steady drop can largely be attributed to a sudden cratering in support among Democrats – 66 percent to 21 percent. For Independents, the president fared even worse with a 55 percent disapproval rating.

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