Pro-life activists in Tennessee are alerting the public that their politicians used taxpayers’ money to help build a playground at an abortion clinic.

The abortion clinic, Memphis Center for Reproductive Health, received a $25,000 grant from the Shelby County Commission in an 8-5 vote, Live Action reported.

Bethany Pinos, who leads the Memphis Coalition for Life, says pro-life activists representing several groups took turns speaking in front of the county commission to denounce the plan. The sad and sick irony of building a playground for a facility that kills children was not lost on those speakers.

“It’s really kind of a strange juxtaposition,” Pinos says, “when you think about an abortion clinic also having things for children to be supposedly a bonus for these families.”

According to the Live Action story, the executive director of the abortion clinic told the county commission its clients bring their children since the clinic also provides pre-natal care for pregnant women.  But figures from 2020 showed the clinic helped women with 2,399 abortions and only 45 births, meaning it makes most of its profit from aborting unborn babies.

Yet the executive director, Jennifer Pepper, claimed the playground “helps promote our family-friendly and inclusive environment.”

The clinic’s own statistics, however, suggest the playground is more like camouflage for what really happens inside,  according to Live Action.