Source: Jim Daws

Most conservatives are well aware of the Democrat’s Alinsky tactic of accusing Republicans of whatever criminal, immoral, or unethical activities they themselves are engaged in. When Joe Biden was caught pressuring Ukraine to fire the state prosecutor who threatened to expose the Biden family protection racket, they impeached Trump for asking about it, accusing Trump of blackmail. After declaring for four years that Trump was an “illegitimate president” due to Russia collusion lies that she herself concocted, Hillary Clinton exhorted Joe Biden not to concede the 2020 election “under any circumstances’. Then when Trump challenged the manifestly rigged results in four battleground states, the Democrats accused Trump of undermining democracy. To this day, the Democrats January 6th Committee is busy trampling the civil rights of citizens who protested the election results after the Democrats themselves encouraged, justified, and funded many months of riots, arson, looting, and murder under the guise of legitimate protest. The instances of hypocritical Democrat’s use of this cynical tactic have become all too obvious. 

But there’s a variation of Alinsky’s projection ploy that’s even more insidious: accuse Republicans who dare secure the ballot box against illegal votes of engaging in voter suppression. The Democrat’s field general this tactic is their former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Abrams lost a close 2018 election to Brian Kemp and promptly accused Kemp of suppressing the black vote despite the fact that blacks voted in significantly higher percentages than whites. She continues, without evidence, to insist that that election was stolen from her and the same Democrats who are now accusing Trump of threatening our democracy still claim she is the rightful governor of Georgia. 

Abrams, who was neck deep in tax and credit card debt, has turned her voter suppression scam into a lucrative position as head of a non-profit, the ironically named Fair Fight Action, that raked in tens of millions from leftist billionaires and major corporations terrified of crossing the woke mob. In addition to her salary — her mountain of debt has been vaporized — critics accuse Abrams of using her coerced windfall to promote her own political profile and another run for governor.

Her accusations that a new law in Georgia, designed to prevent a repeat of the documented and videotaped ballot harvesting and drop-box abuses that occurred in 2020, constitute a return to Jim Crow resulted in Major League Baseball taking its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, causing economic pain to many small businesses in the state. Providentially, the Atlanta Braves settled that score by bringing home and winning the World Series.

Following Abram’s twist on Alinsky’s playbook, Democrats in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona have taken to accusing state lawmakers of voter suppression for trying to reassert legislative control over elections after Democrat governors, courts, and local election boards usurped, violated, and ignored existing laws. 

In Michigan, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are accused, by the rabidly partisan Attorney General Dana Nessel, of sending robocalls warning black Detroit voters against voting by mail if they had warrants for their arrest. In the call, an unidentified voice claims that Wohl and Burkman are the source — marking the call as an obvious dirty trick.

In Wisconsin, Democrat Tony Evers (who allowed BLM and Antifa to burn Kenosha), vetoed a bill that would have barred the kind of election board takeover by private groups like those funded, to the tune of $450m, by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Evers claimed the bill would amount to — you guessed it — “voter suppression”. And when courts in Pennsylvania upheld the state’s existing voter ID laws that were widely ignored in 2020, the ruling was denounced in the press as disenfranchising black voters. 

Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution vests the sole power to set election rules to state legislatures, but seeing how successful their unconstitutionally-enabled ballot harvesting and mail-in ballot operations were in subverting elections in swing states, Democrats in Congress determined that their most important priority would be a federal takeover of state election laws to set those fraud-ridden practices in stone. Anyone who objects to these bills (HR-1 and S-1), which would also ban any requirement for voter photo ID, is accused of voter suppression. 

The Democrat’s voter suppression hysteria peaked in the revolting spectacle of Joe Biden going to the grave of Martin Luther King (a lifelong Republican) to declare that anyone unwilling to eliminate the Senate filibuster, in order to ram through a federal takeover of elections by a single vote, stood with Bull Connor (a lifelong Democrat). This charge was bellowed by a man who has allied himself with Dixiecrats, gave a eulogy for former Klansman Robert Byrd, and who occupies the White House solely as a result of the fraudulent-prone practices he now seeks to impose on the states.

Republicans are expected to retake both houses of Congress this year — barring a repeat of the Democrat’s 2020’s ‘color revolution’. If the Republicans do prevail, you can expect Democrats and their media mouthpieces to revert to form and claim any close elections they lose were illegitimate and the result of voter suppression. And in Georgia, Stacy Abrams is mounting another “can’t-lose” campaign for governor.