Source: Andrew W. Coy

 What in God’s name is Mike Pence doing?  And for Pence, I do mean in God’s name. 

Is Mike Pence a traitor to conservatives?  Is Pence trying to become the next John Dean, the Watergate traitor?  Is Pence trying to be just like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger?  Is Pence really a part of the Deep State?  Has Pence sold out President Trump for 30 pieces of silver?  Unfortunately, it appears that some of the answers to these questions could be “yes.”   

Unbelievable.  Mike Pence has apparently sold out President Trump, MAGA Nation, and the America First agenda.  Why is it that Democrats never turn on Democrats, but Republicans often times turn on Republicans?  Is it the money, or the D.C. acceptance, or the power, or is it the blackmail that causes Republicans to flip on their own? Pence has flipped on his own people.

Mike Pence was speaking to the Federalist Society in Orlando, Florida.  During the speech, Pence went full RINO, full Deep State, and full Biden/Pelosi/Kamala.  Pence told this Federalist Society that “President Trump is wrong.  I have no right to overturn the election.” 

Pence went on to state: “The presidency belongs to the American people and the American people alone.” Pence went on to suggest that Biden won the election fair and square.  As vice president, Pence has a constitutional requirement not to accept a fraudulent election that was stolen.  It was Pence’s constitutional duty not to accept voter fraud.  And to keep history as history, elected representatives of the Senate and House were only asking for a 10-day delay.  Just 10 days to make sure the 2020 was on the “up and up.”  Trump’s former political strategist Steve Bannon said Pence’s speech shows that Pence is a “stone cold coward” and it will be forever a “mark of shame” on Pence.  At the same time, CNN anchor and chief domestic correspondent Jim Acosta praised Pence for the speech.  So, Pence has chosen the side of Jim Acosta over Steve Bannon. Telling. 

There is no question in regards to the presidential election of 2020 that election laws were broken. 

There is no question that some of the individual state legislated laws were ignored.  There is no question that absentee ballots were abused.  There is no question that “drop boxes” were rife with fraud.  There is no question that in the seven battleground (purple) states, that something illegal happened; according to those individual seven states’ legal codes,  laws were broken.  There is no question that ballot-harvesting, illegal and otherwise, occurred.   

In all of these individual state election counts, President Trump was ahead at some point on election night.  President Trump was ahead.  But, when election officials stopped counting votes for the night (which had never ever happened before, never ever), when Americans woke up the next morning, somehow Biden pulls ahead in these states.  What are the chances, that if election fraud did not occur, that Biden would have legitimately pulled ahead of President Trump in all of these states? 

Yet, Mike Pence now says nothing happened wrong here, nothing to look at, just move along.  Pence insists he did not have the constitutional authority to wait and gather information for 10 days. That is wrong.

Two things.  First, If Pence had absolutely no authority, why was he even there to begin with, if he had no authority to act?  Second, why now are the likes of Sen. Susan Collins, other RINO Republicans, and Democrats now writing legislation stating that a vice president has no power in the counting of Electoral College votes.  They are writing this now, because on Jan. 6, 2021, Mike Pence did have the authority at that time not to accept some of the Electoral College votes!

Wonder if Pence forgot what he told a Georgia audience on Jan. 4, 2021?  In his speech to the Georgians, Pence told the audience that he really has deep concerns on the honesty and reliability of the 2020 election. 

Pence told that audience that he felt there were way too many laws broken, way too many election  irregularities, and just too many questions to believe for certain that Biden won the election fair and square.  Pence said he was not convinced the election 2020 results were what the American people voted for.  So on Jan. 4, Pence is fighting the good fight and running the good race.  Two days later, Pence folds like…a RINO, and Deep State operative.  And now in speaking to the Federalist Society, Pence publicly calls out President Trump, says Biden won fair and square, and the Election 2020 was legit. 

What should come as no surprise — because of what we have witnessed the last two years — is that there is now speculation that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and/or their associates helped to pay for this speech that Pence gave.  If true, that would be the very same Zuckerberg/Facebook that gave millions and millions of dollars to “help” with the 2020 election.  The very same group that bragged “democracy won” in Molly Ball’s Time magazine cover story titled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election” was instrumental in instituting mail-in balloting, a practice that is illegal in most of the civilized world.  To the Scribes and Pharisees at the Federalist Society, did Pence kiss President Trump on the cheek?  Wonder what Pence was promised for doing a complete 180 turn against President Trump.  Wonder what Pence has been promised by the Deep State in DC.  Wonder if Pence can now sit at the “cool table at lunchtime” with Cheney and Kinzinger.  Wonder if Pence’s children and grandchildren  now get to go to Harvard and Yale.

Maybe now, Pence gets to buddy up with Paul Ryan at FOX.  Maybe now, Pence gets to have lunch with Joe and Mika.  Maybe now, Pence will be a permanent political analyzer for CNN.  Maybe now, Pence can co-author editorials with Never-Trumper George Will.  Maybe now, Pence can sit on the editorial board of the “Washington Post.”  Maybe now, Pence makes millions in lobbying for China. 

But what won’t happen is Mike Pence being the GOP nominee for president…ever.  What won’t happen is Pence winning the Republican primaries and representing the America First agenda against the progressives in November of 2024.  What won’t happen is Pence displacing President Trump as leader of the Patriots and MAGA Nation.  I’m sure most Hoosiers cannot believe what Pence has just done to America, President Trump, to the election of 2020, and now possibly to the elections of 2022 and 2024. 

During the Chicago Black Sox scandal, when it appeared the players had taken a bribe to throw the games, and a weeping young boy asked Shoeless Joe Jackson, “say it ain’t so Joe, say it isn’t so.”  We must now ask Pence, “say it ain’t so Mike, say it ain’t so.”  Pence is right that the “presidency belongs to the American people”, but the American people have good cause to now believe that the election of 2020 did not belong to them.  And on Jan. 6, 2021, Mike Pence chose not to be the vice president of the United States.