Source: by Steven Ahle

The Capitol Hill Police have become the enforcement arm of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.  They can even get away with murder. See Roseanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt. It has also been discovered that they are spying on Republican members of Congress. Rep Louis Gohmert claims that they have opened some of his mails.

Rep Troy Nehls says that the CHP entered his office over the Thanksgiving holiday and photographed some of his working documents. They returned two days later and harassed a staffer. They were dressed as construction workers and they showed the staffers pictures that they had taken two days before.

The head of the CHP claimed that the office was unlocked and the officers were just securing it. So why the construction disguises and why were they harassing the staffer of pictures they had taken? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

On Wednesday, Rep. Nelhs joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the shocking incident. Nehls puts the blame for the incident on the person who oversees the CHP, Nancy Pelosi. Nehls says that the Democrats are trying to close down anyone who disagrees with them and that it is no surprise that they have no qualms about weaponizing the CHP.

Nehls said:

“Absolutely silly. Absolutely ludicrous. Why [was] the Capitol Police inside my office investigating me? And I was under criminal investigation. The chief of [Capitol Hill] police, Manger, he’s downplaying this, but I’m telling you, they’re coming after anyone that has a dissenting point of view [and] anybody that doesn’t agree with them.”

“I think it’s very clear, Leader McCarthy selected me to be one of the five to be on the select committee, looking into January 6th, and I’ve been a very vocal critic of January 6th – specifically the Capitol Police, the leadership of the capitol police, [and] the [CPD] intelligence section – I’ve been very vocal about it.

All of the intelligence was there, it was glaring to them; it was in their face that we knew the Capitol was the target for January 6th. We knew that there were maps that were scattered throughout the whole city about the tunnels on January 6th. So all the intelligence was there, they knew the extremist groups were going to be there, and they did nothing with it.