Source: Breitbart

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held an “Incident Response Group” meeting on Saturday in response to demonstrations in the Ontario cities of Ottawa and Windsor that he framed as “illegal blockades and occupations.”

Despite claiming its undertaking of unspecified efforts to “end the ongoing illegal blockades and occupations taking place across the country,” the federal government provided no details regarding efforts to negotiate with demonstrators or deadlines for its stated goal of ending the protests.

The prime minister’s office wrote: [The Incident Response Group] emphasized the urgent need for anyone participating in the blockades to return to their communities peacefully and immediately, and that consequences for breaking the law will be increasingly severe.”

The government claimed “all options remain on the table” while emphasizing, “These blockades must be brought to an end, and the federal government will continue working on every option to end them.”

Trudeau’s government made no mention of the goals and motivations of the Freedom Convoy and its supporters in its statement.

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