Australian government not responding well to the peaceful uprising against its COVID tyranny

Source: NwoReport

Australian people are rising up against their government’s COVID tyranny, prompting their police to respond with typical authoritarian thuggery.

Video from the capital of Canberra taken by independent journalist Aussie Cossack on Saturday shows a trucker nicknamed “Mad Max” leading a column of people to the capital in an armored vehicle emblazoned with Australian flags and messages that say “No More Mandates.”

A line of police officers tried in vain to physically stop the armored vehicle with their bare hands but the vehicle continued to roll on.

Soon police resorted to breaking in the driver’s window and pepper-spraying him in an attempt to stop him from reaching Parliament House.

“Look, they’re trying to get him! They’re pepper-spraying the car. They broke the window!” Aussie Cossack shouted.

How the police thought pepper-spraying a trucker would slow down the Australian people’s convoy against COVID tyranny is unclear.

What is clear, however, is that millions of Australians are finished submitting to the draconian COVID restrictions they’ve been subjected to for the last two years.