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As truckers around the Western world peacefully protest, fighting for their rights as free citizens to only get what medical care they deem necessary and only wear a mask if they desire to do so, what are the governments of the former bastions of liberty doing? Are they standing up for the principles of liberty and individual rights that they were founded upon?

No, they most certainly are not. In France, riot police are beating up protesters and lobbing gas grenades toward cafes as armored vehicles block off roads to prevent the truckers from rolling into Paris. In Canada, the Trudeau regime and its province-level allies have gone so far as to outlaw honking, sending in cops to arrest and threaten peaceful protesters, and send Mounties to disperse those that are demanding their rights back.

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President Biden, at the same time as he demands Americans ready themselves to fight and die for Ukraine and its freedom from Russia, is reportedly demanding Trudeau take action to quash the protests and reopen the border crossings shut down by the brave, patriotic truckers.

What we’re witnessing the dropping of the curtain as the anti-nature liberty of the globalist regimes becomes self-evident. Over the past few years, they’ve hidden their tyrannical actions behind the claim of there being a public health crisis, saying that even if their actions were distasteful they were necessary to curtail the damage wrought by the virus.

Now, two years on, that excuse is dead. We’ve seen them hang out at parties and conferences without their masks on, communities have started lifting mandates, and the truth is finally leaking out. Westerners finally grasp what’s been going on and are furious about it, so they’re in the streets and are fighting for their rights, desperately hoping that it’s not too late.

The governments of those nations, unwilling to relinquish control but no longer able to claim “public health” as a believable excuse for their tyrannical actions, are left to displays of brute force.

Hence the armored vehicles rolling around Paris, the mass deployments of police, and the other actions that look straight out of the Soviet playbook when the USSR crushed the revolution of ’56 or the Red Chinese when they massacred thousands of students at Tiananmen Square.

Sure, fewer have died here, so far. But the pieces are all there and the governments of the West are looking increasingly twitchy.

This struggle will determine the future of liberty, at least in the near term. If the truckers and their allies win, if the mandates are repealed as a result of citizen outcry, the globalists will have been dealt a major blow.

If, on the other hand, we back down now and give in to their tyrannical diktats, then all might be over; our retreat and surrender will embolden them to keep pushing, to keep stripping away liberty in the name of “the public.” This is a battle we must win.