Source: NwoReport

Approval of President Biden’s performance in the White House continues to wither as the Administration works to deal with the Ukraine border conflict, soaring inflation, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, and disorder at the Mexican border.

For the first time since taking office, Biden’s approval rating — based on an accumulation of polling data — dropped below 40%. A Real Clear Politics average of all the most recent national surveys measuring Biden’s standing put the President’s approval at 39% and his disapproval at 54%.

President Biden has also found himself at the center of a Russia-Ukraine border conflict in Europe. Last month, Biden predicted Russian President Vladimir Putin would advance into Ukraine, declaring, “My guess is he will move in. He has to do something.”

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Fox News writes that Biden’s chaotic response to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan still casts doubt on his skills as commander in chief, and the Obama-era legacy of letting Russia off lightly doesn’t help. There’s no question in my mind that Putin was emboldened by Biden’s Kabul failure to try a max-pressure strategy on Ukraine. Russia is using the build-up to coerce Ukraine and the West. Biden must make Putin realize the U.S. and NATO are vigilant and ready to push back – that’s the clearest way to deter, according to Fox News.

After holding above 50 percent in his first months in office, Biden’s approval rating began to plunge last August amid the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to RCP, Biden’s popularity has even dropped below that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, who finished his four years in office with an average approval rating of 41.1 percent.

The abysmal rating comes as the White House continues to grapple with soaring inflation and rising gas prices, the COVID-19 pandemic, and surging crime in big cities.

Biden continues to take heat from Americans over rising gas prices, leading his own party to introduce a proposal to temporarily suspend the federal gas tax in order to help blunt the financial pain of surging prices at the pump.

Other costs, including energy bills, are also having an impact on Americans. New York residents complain their bills have doubled in the latest wrinkle to red-hot inflation. Biden is also grappling with the defeat of his nearly $2 trillion spending plan — the key item on Democrats’ legislative agenda — as well as the ongoing threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.