Source: Amy Mek

Bill Maher slammed Trudeau after he attacked Canada’s freedom protesters and the unvaccinated, smearing them as ‘racist and misogynistic extremists.’

American left-wing comedian and broadcaster Bill Maher has lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said Freedom Truckers are a “marginal minority” that does not represent Canadians’ thinking.

Trudeau lambasted demonstrators in a speech to an emergency session of the House of Commons on Wednesday. This was the “vaccinated” and boosted Prime Minister’s first public appearance since he tested positive for Covid on January 31, 2022, two days after the trucks rolled into Ottawa. 

“Blockades” cannot stop a pandemic, Trudeau said in parliament. You have to end it with “science” and public health measures. “Illegal demonstrations are unacceptable and are negatively impacting businesses and manufacturers,” declared the embattled leader.

The protests in Ottawa and two Canada-US border crossings have been ongoing for two weeks. RAIR Foundation has been on the scene since the beginning. (See here and here)

Maher Defends the ‘Unvaccinated’

In December 2021, Trudeau stunned viewers during a television appearance in Quebec when he announced people who do not receive the experimental Covid “vaccine” are “often racist and misogynistic extremists.” Trudeau wondered whether society should still “tolerate” these people. The Canadian Prime Minister “sounds like Hitler” when he makes these kinds of statements, declared Maher.

“I mean, I thought he was kind of a cool guy, then I started to read what he said – this is a couple of weeks ago, he was…or maybe this was September, but he was talking about people who were not vaccinated. He said they ‘don’t believe in science…often misogynistic, often racist.’ No, they are not,” said Maher.

Now You Sound Like Hitler

He said we have to “make a choice” and decide whether we ‘tolerate these people. “Tolerate? Now you sound like Hitler. And recently, he said they’re propagating “unacceptable opinions,’” the comedian said.

His guest, Marianne Williamson, said she was “surprised” that Trudeau made such statements. Maher quickly jumped in and questioned his guest, “you didn’t see the blackface?” Maher was referring to the recent “racist” discoveries of Trudeau wearing blackface paint.

In 2001, while Trudeau was a teacher at a private school, West Point Grey Academy, he wore blackface makeup to an “Arabian Nights” themed party.

It was also revealed that Trudeau wore blackface “makeup” in high school to sing “Day-O,” a Jamaican folk song famously performed by Harry Belafonte. 

Global News discovered the third instance of racist makeup. The video appears to be taken in the 1990s. Trudeau can be seen covered in what seems to be dark makeup and raising his hands in the air while laughing, sticking his tongue out, and making faces.

Maher and his guest also forgot to mention that on September 6, 2021, the Prime Minister also said protesters demonstrating against him were “anti-vaxxer mobs” launching “racist, misogynistic attacks. Then, on August 31, 2021, the leader slammed the unvaccinated, claiming “they are putting at risk their own kids, and they are putting at risk our kids as well.”

Just yesterday, while walking through the streets of Ottawa, RAIR took a photo of a Truckers Freedom Convoy supporter proudly waving her Trans Pride Flag. Would Trudeau categorize her as a “ racist and misogynistic”? Why isn’t the mainstream media showing you the diverse faces of the Canadian freedom protesters?