Source:  Cristina Laila

An American Airlines flight flying from Los Angeles to DC was diverted to Kansas City after an unruly passenger tried to open the cockpit and plane doors on Sunday.

The FBI said the unruly passenger was taken into custody upon landing in Kansas City.

The identity of the passenger has not been released.

“We’re grateful to our crew members, who are consistently dedicated to the safety and care of our customers and who handled the circumstances with the utmost skill and professionalism,” American Airlines said in a statement.

According to reports, a flight attendant was seen running to the back of the plane to grab a coffee pot.

“Several men stood up to rush to first class,” according to one passenger.

The flight attendant beat the unruly passenger over the head with a coffee pot.

“As people were trying to subdue him and everything, the same flight attendant runs all the way to the back and grabs like a coffee pot, goes all the way to the front and starts bashing this guy, like in the head,” a passenger told Fox News.