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“Truckistan’s” Historic Fight For Freedom Goes Global! shows that the massive Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy which began on January 29 is prepared to stay in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, until the COVID “vaccine” mandates are reversed — even if that takes months or years! At 40 miles long with tens of thousands of trucks, the convoy broke world record as the longest convoy in history. It has been met all along the route by supportive Canadians and in Ottawa by enthusiastic residents.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy has sparked similar convoys in other countries including the Convoy to DC 2022 (video) which will begin with a big rally in California on March 5. The video below shows that because the US has many more truckers than Canada, this convoy could be much larger than the Canadian one!


Canadian Trucker Convoy’s Demands and Success

In less than two weeks, the Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy has begun shifting the COVID policies of Canada and the US. Their demands have grown as has their support. Freedom Convoy: Chris Sky Speech to the Nations on Feb. 7 in Ottawa shows the massive rally and explains the truckers’ growing demands.

Their initial demands were to end the COVID “vaccine” mandates for truckers. That expanded to an end of COVID mandates for everyone. Chris Sky says in this rally that demands now the removal of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has dismissed the truckers as a “small fringe minority” and has called them “disgusting”. He says the demands now also include sanctions for people who imposed the mandates. However, in his address to the nation below on February 10, Tom Marazzo made it clear that the truckers’ ONLY demand is for an immediate and permanent end of all COVID mandates for everyone.

Trudeau refused to meet with the truckers although their demands to end the COVID mandates are backed by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, a world renowned medical expert and former Trump White House adviser who said: “It is time that we stop and we declare this pandemic emergency over.”  He added that the Canadian truckers’ demands are “backed by solid science” and that the “government positions of these vaccine mandates have no scientific or medical bases and must be stopped now.”  Acclaimed physician Dr. Roger Hodkinson stated: “The mandates must be lifted tomorrowThe carnage that’s going on out there with our children is indescribable.”

Four Canadian provinces just dropped the COVID mandates and Ontario (home of the capital where the truckers are) said it will as well. Candice Bergen, leader of the Conservative party, criticized Trudeau’s handling of this situation. When she invited Trudeau to meet to talk, he stormed out of Parliament. Even members of Trudeau’s Liberal party turned on him. Corporal Bulford, Prime Minister Trudeau’s head of personal security resigned on February 3. Military Tells Ottawa to Find Someone Else to Evict the Truckers.  Ottawa Police Quitting, Taking Leave Over Handling of the Protest – Freedom Convoy 2022

Freedom Convoy’s Address To Canadians

While Chris Sky said in his speech at the rally on February 7 that the truckers want Prime Minister Trudeau removed, Tom Marazzo emphasized in his address below to the nation on February 10 that the truckers simply want all the COVID mandates permanently ended for everyone now.

Freedom Convoy — Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo

Tucker: Lawmakers are panicking over this

Trudeau’s Massive Threats To Truckers

In the video below, Sean Hannity contrasts Trudeau’s and Biden’s embrace of the often violent BLM protests with this condemnation of the peaceful truckers protest. He also discusses the disparity in Biden’s concern about the norther border and his abandonment of our southern border. Hannity says Trudeau is threatening truckers with a fine of $100,000 each, seizure of their trucks and licenses, and one year in prison.

Hannity: Truckers versus tyranny

The February 9 video Ottawa Police Posturing to take Children from Protesters shows that Ottawa police are threatening to take truckers’ kids!

This video shows how the COVID mandates have affected Canadians.

Canadian protester slams Trudeau: ‘Does not deserve’ to be prime minister

Five Canadian Provinces Cancel COVID Mandates

Canadian provinces to lift COVID restrictions amid escalating trucker protests

A rapidly growing list of Canadian provinces moved to lift their COVID-19 restrictions as protesters decrying such measures kept up the pressure with truck blockades Wednesday in the capital and at key U.S. border crossings, including the economically vital bridge to Detroit. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Prince Edward Island announced plans this week to roll back some or all precautions, with Alberta, Canada’s most conservative province, dropping its vaccine passport for places such as restaurants immediately and getting rid of masks at the end of the month. Alberta opposition leader Rachel Notley accused Alberta Premier Jason Kenney of allowing an “illegal blockade to dictate public health measures.”

Ontario could lift COVID measures sooner than planned

Trucker protests: Ontario Premier Doug Ford out of sight as pressure mounts on province reported on February 10 that Ontario Premier Doug Ford said, “The ongoing illegal occupation and blockade happening in Ontario must stop,” and that he’s “confident our police forces in Ontario, along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Border Services Agency, will take the appropriate steps.”

However, on the same day, the video Doug Ford wants to speed up reopening in Ontario, sources say reported  that Ford is asking for new regulations to speed up relaxation of restrictions.


Trudeau’s Strange Inflexibility

When the truckers reached Ottawa, Trudeau left the capital for an undisclosed location, saying he was quarantining (although he is fully “vaccinated”) after being around someone who tested positive for COVID. When he re-emerged, he called the truckers “disgusting” and accused them  of being racists. In his speech on February 11 below, Trudeau threatened truckers with a loss of their licenses, arrest, and criminal records if they don’t go home now.

“…we’ve heard you, it’s time to go home now.” Seems Trudeau got hurt.

Trudeau’s inflexibility is strange in light of the fact the four provinces have lifted the COVID mandates — and even Ontario (which includes Ottawa, Canada’s capital where the truckers are) is planning to lift the mandates on February 21.  In addition, several European countries are dropping COVID mandates now. End of COVID-19 tyranny: European countries move to ease pandemic rules showed on February 3 that “Several European countries are now moving to ease their pandemic rules, including Finland, the U.K., Denmark and Ireland. Covid-19 Curbs Eased Further in Europe as New Version of Omicron Spreads in Places

Trudeau’s intransigence is particularly odd in light of the fact that 90% of Canadians are vaccinated (including 90% of truckers) — and herd immunity is said to start at 60 or 70%. In addition, England and other nations have drooped the COVID mandates because Omnicron is considered just a common cold everyone will get and which will help establish herd immunity. Further, Trudeau’s focus on COVID shots as the ONLY policy he supports is odd given that they don’t prevent people from getting or transmitting COVID. Fully Vaccinated Canada Prime Minister Trudeau Has COVID.

Trudeau’s unwillingness to negotiate with the truckers and even with the opposition party in Parliament is making him increasingly isolated and his position increasingly difficult to understand as he continues to ignore the will of the people he was elected to serve. He is also ignoring the science which shows that the COVID shots provide no protection again getting the virus or transmitting it. In addition, the data shows that the shots are causing record deaths and injuries.

Trudeau, Bergen debate ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests, COVID-19 mandates

Justin Trudeau WALKS OUT…

Trudeau Losing Ground Fast Now

Justin Trudeau slammed by Canadian politicians as ‘divisive’

They’re LOSING CONTROL! HUGE Win for Trucker’s Freedom Convoy

Truckers Are Adamant

Trudeau has united the people against him: Freedom Convoy protester

‘We’re not backing down’: Canadian truckers share message to Trudeau

Canadian truckers protesting in Ottawa want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to know they will not leave until mandates are lifted.

Trudeau Finally Drops Mandates For Truckers!

Canadian trucker: We’ll fight to the ‘bitter end’

Canadian trucker Harold Jonker and Wisconsin trucker Carl Tharp-Porter join ‘Fox & Friends’ to speak out on protests against vaccine mandate.

Canada will allow unvaccinated truckers to cross in from the United States 

“In order to save the nation from a logistical nightmare, Canada has now said that it will allow unvaccinated truckers to cross in from the United States.”

It took just two weeks for the truckers to force Trudeau to reverse his policy — showing where the real power is! Will the truckers stay now until Trudeau drops all COVID mandates for all Canadians as the truckers requested? How will Trudeau’s sudden 180-degree reversal affect the rest of the world now?

French Freedom Convoy Enters Paris

“QR Code, Never Again!” — Police Fire Teargas At Demonstrators As Freedom Convoy Enters Paris

“Chaos ensues in Paris Saturday as hundreds, if not thousands of demonstrators blocked streets in the capital city.

NYTimes said, ‘thousands of cars, camper vans and trucks’ have entered the metro area, which was part of a convoy to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s medical tyranny of lockdowns and forced vaccines mandates. This weekend, protests are banned in the city as more than 7,000 police officers were deployed to counter the ‘Freedom Convoy.’

Demonstrators in central Paris have so far been peaceful. People waved French and Canadian flags and chanted: ‘QR code, never again!’ ‘Freedom!’ ‘No to the vaccine pass!’ Scenes on the ground show one convoy stopped before the Arc de Triomphe as freedom-loving folks waved French flags.

housands of demonstrators were seen on the streets of central Paris protesting against medical tyranny by the government.

The success of Canada’s Freedom Convoy in recent weeks has spread like wildfire worldwide as people band together and use their vehicles to block highways, city streets, and border-crossings, as they create leverage against overreaching governments who may have to appease the people and be forced to drop vaccine mandates.

Watch Live: Convoys Worldwide

French protesters are expected to descend on Paris in a Canada-inspired ‘Freedom Convoy’ sometime on Friday as they voice strong opposition to President Emmanuel Macron’s medical tyranny of lockdowns and forced vaccines mandates….

The Guardian reports convoys of trucks, vans, cars, and even motorcycles left Nice in the south-east, Bayonne in the south-west, Strasbourg in the north-east, and Cherbourg in the north-west, among other cities as they all head to Paris.

‘We’ve been going around in circles for three years,’ demonstrator Jean-Marie Azais, who was heading to Paris. ‘We saw the Canadians and said to ourselves, ‘It’s awesome what they’re doing.’ In eight days, boom, something was sparked.’”

Truckers’ Protest Is Changing Canada and US

Trudeau Indignant In Canada (video)

“America is rising! A new study exposing the absolute failures of lockdown measures has everyone, including the White House, under fire for hanging on to ineffective measures. Lockdown states that had been holding onto these measures are dropping them for adults, but not for the lowest risk group on earth; schoolchildren. The result? Teenagers across America are rising, staging mass walkouts to say NO MORE!

The Freedom Convoy has put the world’s eyes on the halls of the Canadian Parliament as Trudeau appears outnumbered by his government, given the growing chorus of representatives demanding the removal of COVID restrictions. Is the stage set for America to do the same?

Widely seen as one of the top experts in the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19, Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance Co-Founder Pierre Kory, MD, joins Del in-studio. His fight for the use of early treatments to save Covid patients highlights a scandal you have to hear from him, to believe.”

The People’s Convoy To DC 2022

2022 People’s Convoy Aims To Bring Back Civil Liberties

“Hot on the heels of the convoy of Canadian truckers, multiple efforts to stage a similar convoy in the U.S. have emerged. Brian Brase, a truck driver from Ohio, is one of the core organizers of a group planning the Convoy to D.C. 2022. Brase said the organizers are finalizing their plans and do not have a specific date or routes they are prepared to disclose as of publication time. However, they did put a hard deadline of March 1. ‘If it doesn’t happen before then, it will happen March 1.’

Brase said the convoy is organizing to protest vaccination mandates. He stressed it is not an anti-vaccination movement but rather about ‘human and constitutional rights.’ ‘This isn’t about the trucking mandates. There’s so much more in play there. We are just truck drivers standing up for our human rights, and as Americans it’s about our constitutional rights,’ he said. ‘It’s about a human being deciding what gets injected into them. We’re not about shaming people who aren’t vaccinated or shaming those who are. It’s about choice.’

Their mission statement says: ‘Americans love our freedoms and love the Constitution of the United States of America. This convoy aims to bring back our freedoms, our civil liberties and bring an end to all unconstitutional mandates. This is about our rights, as well as the freedom of future generations. It’s not about political parties, but more so about a government that has forgotten its place and has no regard for our founding fathers’ instructions, the Constitution.’

The group still has not publicly announced its routes other than to say that the convoy will originate from multiple locations in California along with convoys originating in other locations in Texas, Florida and Maine. Ultimately, the convoys will converge in Washington, D.C.

Organizers have explained even with the U.S. Supreme Court striking down an attempt at a national vaccination mandate, private sector mandates and government mandates on groups like healthcare workers and law enforcement threaten access to those services.

‘There are good people, good teachers, good nurses, good police officers losing their jobs over these mandates,’ he said. ‘It’s about a human being deciding what gets injected into them. We’re not about shaming people who aren’t vaccinated or shaming those who are. It’s about choice.’”

Defeat The Mandates Coming to SoCal March 5 (video)

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