Source: Steve Kirsch


Cary Watkins has been embalming people for over 50 years.

In my exclusive phone interview with Cary Watkins on Feb 14, 2022, he verifies that:

  1. He knows Richard Hirschman
  2. Richard is a credible embalmer
  3. He personally saw the blood clots Hirschman described in my interview with him over 4 months ago. [Clarification from Hirschman: He saw them on the embalming table after removal from the body live, in person. He also viewed pictures Hirschman had taken of clots from other cases.]
  4. At the time, Hirschman suspected the vaccine
  5. Watkins has never seen clots like that before in his 50-year career

In short, he validated Hirschman and his observations because he saw these cases personally.

The CDC owes the American people an explanation because in Hirschman’s case, he’s seeing these clots in 65% of cases. This very likely makes the cause of these deaths to be the largest killer of people in American history. At a minimum, it is a huge unknown cause of death (that from everything we see could only be from the COVID vaccines).

Note that I say likely, because I only have three recent incidence rates (65% from Hirschman and 93% from embalmer Anna Foster and 50% from another embalmer who I will interview in depth in the near future). I’m working on getting numbers from more people. The average recent incidence rate is over 50%, which suggests that the clots are now the #1 cause of death in America (since it would be mathematically impossible for any other cause to be >50%).

The smoking gun

The vaccine seems to be the only plausible cause.

There are clear mechanisms of action for the COVID vaccines causing clots as well. A high percentage of people post-vaccine have elevated d-Dimers and/or blood clots.

For example, check out:

  2. Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood! which describes the stacking of red blood cells right after injections.

The embalming process

For background, this video describes the embalming process:

Two high school basketball players die unexpectedly on the same day

In what may be unrelated news (or may not be because we need an investigation), recently, two high school basketball players died on the same day, a Black Swan event. Both exhibited symptoms consistent with a vaccine-caused death.