Fake news network acts like freedom is a foreign concept and not enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

No wonder CNN ratings are tanking.

Source:  Jamie White

CNN had a normal one on Monday, pretending not to know what freedom means while smearing the Freedom Convoy for standing up against vaccine mandates.

CNN reporter Miguel Marquez falsely claimed the Freedom Convoy started as an “anti-vaccine” demonstration before pretending not to know that the movement is protesting COVID mandates in all forms.

“This started off as an anti-vaccine protest, then it was anti-mandate, now it’s the generically anti-government, all wrapped in this sort of notion, of the guise of freedom, whatever that means to these individuals,” Marquez said from Windsor, Ontario.

“Basically, they want exactly what they want, which is all those restrictions gone, because they believe they’re just– that they’re not necessary to the public at large,” he added.

Looks like Marquez just defined freedom: protesters who want to be free from restrictions.

How about that.

The Ambassador Bridge along the Ontario-Michigan border was cleared of peaceful protesters by police over the weekend after they made a handful of arrests.

This comes as the media continues to peddle the laughably fake talking point that the Freedom Convoy was launched by the Russian government.

One CNN analyst even promoted violence against the Freedom Convoy, calling for authorities to “slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”

On a related note, CNN’s ratings are down 90% year over year, averaging just over 500,000 viewers in 2022.