Propaganda network working on behalf of PM Justin Trudeau to intimidate and shame donors of Freedom Convoy protests.

Source: Jamie White

Update: Now the Washington Post has joined the media intimidation campaign to harass donors of the Freedom Convoy who had their information leaked by a malicious hacker.

An email obtained by Saagar Enjeti on Wednesday shows a Washington Post reporter asking a GiveSendGo donor “what motivated” him to donate $40 to the Freedom Convoy.

Original story below:

CBC News, Canada’s largest news network, is reportedly reaching out to donors of the Freedom Convoy to question their motives after combing through Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo’s illegally hacked database.

According to Rebel News founder Ezra Levant, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “state broadcaster” is “combing through the illegally hacked database of GiveSendGo donors, and emailing donors asking them to explain themselves.”

This kind of intimidating behavior is more akin to Nazi Germany’s propaganda tabloid Der Stürmer or Soviet Russia’s Pravda newspaper, Levant said.

“Trudeau’s state broadcaster is doxxing Trudeau’s political opponents. They’re teeing them up for financial punishments. This is not journalism, anymore than Der Sturmer or Pravda was journalism,” he added.

The aforementioned “financial punishment” refers to Trudeau’s government announcing as part of his invoking emergency powers the ability to seize financial assets from the bank accounts of Freedom Convoy supporters without a court order.

Screenshots of emails from CBC News and other smaller Canadian outlets circulating social media appear to confirm Levant’s reporting.

One email purportedly from CBC News reporter Guy Quenneville asks a Freedom Convoy donor why he donated and how he felt about having his personal information leaked.

Another email from Cornwall Standard-Freeholder asked a Canadian farmer to confirm if he was in fact on the Freedom Convoy donor list.

The leader of Canada’s New Blue Party of Ontario Jim Karahalios said his party is receiving calls from Canadians saying they “feel intimidated” by the media effort to dox them over their decision to donate to the Freedom Convoy.

“The media like CBC & Post Media is contacting those who donated to @GiveSendGo fundraiser for the #TruckersForFreedom2022 & donors are contacting @newblueon saying they feel intimidated. Media should be concerned with the hack more than why people donated,” Karahalios tweeted Tuesday.

In total, over 92,000 donors on GiveSendGo were exposed by malicious hackers earlier this week, prompting the Christian-based platform to temporarily disable its website for maintenance.

As of writing, over $9 million has been donated to the Freedom Convoy via GiveSendGo.