“The administration—the administration I served in last.”

Source: Steve Watson

During another disturbing rambling speech in which he also bragged about dumping a dead dog on some woman’s doorstep, Joe Biden failed to remember the name of the President when he was serving as VP.

Most of the speech was about his infrastructure debacle, however Biden randomly deviated into talking about the so called Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

“I started the Cancer Moonshot which I worked very hard on in the administration—the administration I served in last,” said Biden.

He can’t remember Obama’s name.


This is far from the first time this has happened. Remember this from March 2020 when he called Obama “the last guy”:

In 2019 he forgot Obama’s name and referred to him as “my boss”:

And there’s this from last year when he thought he’d served as VP under Trump’s administration:

During the speech Tuesday, Biden also continued to do the weird creepy whispering thing:

Then, as previously mentioned, he started talking about leaving a dead dog on someone’s doorstep:

What the hell is he blathering about? This guy is only one year in. He’s got at least THREE to go.