Sex Freak NZ leader looking increasingly desperate as nation’s eyes are on protests outside Parliament building.’They actually represent people who…feel like that within our society because they may have lost their jobs…Do you feel like the appropriate way to deal with those people is to spray water on them?’ reporter asks PM.

Source: NwoReport

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed activists protesting against the country’s Covid vaccine mandates have brought her government’s heavy-handed police response on themselves.

Speaking to‘s AM program, Ardern dishonestly described the activists as “anti-vaccine,” and said they’re cultivating an unruly environment “that is moving beyond a protest,” which therefore must be tamped down.

“What we’ve seen out there I have to say seems much more anti-vaccination more than anything else,” Ardern said.

“It’s included yelling abuse at people who are walking around with masks on, occupying spaces where businesses are operating, blocking people’s ability to move around freely. That is moving beyond a protest… and to me it looks like an important style of protest that I have not seen in New Zealand before, complete with Trump flags and Canadian flags.”

“When it comes to the management of the protest, though,” Ardern continued, “and indeed the decisions by the police, ultimately I need to let them do their jobs. Those are their jurisdictions, but I would just note that it has been a protest with constant noise, constant music and speaking and quite threatening behavior, and so that’s the context of the environment that we’re all in down here at the moment.”

Indeed, some of the noise referred to by Ardern has come from police themselves, as New Zealand authorities last week attempted to disrupt the demonstrations by blasting Barry Manilow songs and the “Macarena” on loop.

The AM reporter pointed out to Ardern that demonstrations are not only made up of anti-vax protesters, but also people who are upset after having lost their jobs due to Covid mandates.

“And they actually represent people who are not there on Parliament grounds but who feel like that within our society because they may have lost their jobs,” the reporter told Ardern. “Do you feel like the appropriate way to deal with those people is to spray water on them?”

Ardern argued that protesters are conducting themselves uncivilly by insisting journalists report the truth behind the demonstrations, and seemed worried about protest signs demanding the summary execution of the politicians involved in lockdown measures.

“If there were a protest based solely around the policies that have been used to manage the pandemic then why is it that every journalist who stands out at that four corners is being hurled abuse about telling the truth. There are signs calling for the execution of politicians, there’s more than just an anti-vax rhetoric amongst some that is strong, and so I wouldn’t want to for a moment legitimize some of what I’ve seen down there because some of it is pure misinformation around the role of vaccines…”

The utter lack of a plan to deal with protests suggests communist world leaders like the NZ PM are stupid for not foreseeing the backlash the Covid measures would invoke, noted conservative commentator Buck Sexton.

“Many lockdown tyrants are visibly shaken now as their populations seethe with rage at realization of the pointless, vindictive stupidity that was inflicted on the entire Western world by low IQ socialists like New Zealand’s Ardern to ‘stop covid,’” Sexton tweeted.

Last week, images out of New Zealand showed police violently handling demonstrators who protested in Wellington outside the Parliament building.

Meanwhile, a call by the New Zealand Police Commissioner for tow trucks to come move vehicles out of the area, in addition to a request for support from the New Zealand Defense Force to move the vehicles, went unheeded.