Was named as a “rising face” by Barack Obama’s foundation.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Black Lives Matter activist Quintez Brown, who previously enjoyed a prominent platform thanks to legacy media outlets, allegedly attempted to shoot dead a politician after campaigning against gun violence.

Yes, really.

Brown was arrested in Louisville yesterday with a 9mm pistol and several magazines following the attempted murder of Democrat mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg at his campaign headquarters.

The suspect’s bail was set at $100,000 dollars and was almost immediately paid by BLM front group Louisville Community Bail Fund to secure the alleged gunman’s release.

The 21-year-old student activist was named as a “rising face” by Barack Obama’s foundation in 2019 and previously featured as a venerated BLM speaker on numerous mainstream news outlets, including the BBC.

As a result of him making several appearances on the network, Guido Fawkes described Brown as the BBC’s “go-to US Black Lives Matter activist.”

Brown was also an ardent gun control campaigner and repeatedly spoke out against gun violence.

Oh, the irony.


“Gun violence reveals the interconnected nature of our reality. What affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Especially in our segregated conditions,” Brown tweeted.

The activist was standing as an independent candidate for election to the Louisville council in District 5 of the city.

Brown’s attorney Rob Eggert attempted to pin the blame for the alleged shooting on the suspect’s “mental health issues.” Police say there is “no known motive.”

Greenberg described what happened during the harrowing attack on Monday.

“We asked if we could help him. And he pulled out a gun, aimed it directly at me, and opened fire,” he told CNN. “I was fortunate that one of my brave teammates slammed the door shut. They were able to throw some desks on top of the door and the suspect fled.”

“Despite one bullet coming so close that it grazed my sweater and my shirt, no one was physically harmed,” he added.

The entire story once against illustrates how Black Lives Matter is a violent extremist group that attracts people like Brown on a routine basis.