Uses memes to hammer home that the legacy media is a laughing stock

Source: Steve Watson

After the establishment media hyped up and predicted a Russian invasion of Ukraine for this past Wednesday that didn’t happen, the Russian government took to Twitter to mock them.

Much of the U.S. and western media ran with dire warnings of an invasion based on Ukrainian intelligence imparted by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The media claimed that 200,000 Russian troops would march into Ukraine and a ‘missile blitz’ would ensue.

However, in reality, Russia withdrew troops and weaponry after the end of training exercises.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted comments made by spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who said, “Today we mark another day of the ‘start of the war with Ukraine,’ which did not happen again, to the Western media outlets’ regret, no matter how hard they whip up the hysteria.”

The tweet was accompanied by a video of tumbleweeds:

In another tweet, the Russian MFA used a John Travolta meme to hammer home the point:

For weeks, sections of the media also attacked those who accused them of hysteria as ‘amplifying Russian propaganda’.

This is exactly why the legacy media that constantly whines about ‘misinformation’ and needing to ‘fact check’ everything is now completely devoid of any credibility.