The left’s assault on free speech is spreading

Source: Kelen McBreen

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows a young man being forced to leave a public mall because a security guard was triggered the boy’s face mask said, “Trump” on it.

“I’ve had this mask for a week now, and I’ve come in here almost every day. This is the first time somebody has said something,” the guy with the Trump mask explained.

The security guard went on to argue that the young man’s face mask was “provocative” before turning his attention towards the young woman filming the scene.

“You’re gonna turn that off, or you’re out of here,” the rent-a-cop told the girl behind the camera. “Turn it off, or leave.”

This blatant attack on free speech is becoming increasingly normal in America as recent footage shows two separate incidents where airline passengers were told to remove their “Let’s go Brandon” masks.

On Wednesday, an Allegiant Airlines passenger was kicked off his flight for writing, “Let’s go Brandon” on his mask.

Two weeks ago, a Spirit Airlines passenger filmed as a stewardess forced him to take off his “Let’s go Brandon” mask or be kicked off the flight.

As the left continues to embrace the cancel culture mob’s anti-free speech obsession, politically motivated encounters like this will only escalate.