Source: Ivota Trump

Oscar Wilde once noted that there are two tragedies in life, one is not getting what you want, the other is getting what you want.

 The left thinks that the end result of tranzmania is that the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader will still be hooking up, but both will be male, and neither will be homosexual (otherwise known as gay conversion therapy). 

One outcome of acceptance of anyone’s imagination run wild gender identity is that one can identify as any gender one feels!

I first discovered I felt like I might be TranzCisTrumpGendered the day President Trump crossed the DMZ with no secret service in tow into a country we are still at war with, “what a total badass” I thought.

But it was Twitter’s total defense of marginalized groups that gave me the courage I needed to fully come out as TranzCisTrumpGendered.  Someone pointed out that they could tell from my bio not having preferred pronouns that I was a tranzfobicknazi.  So I took care of that, I announced to the world (well, my 28 followers anyway) that after years of struggle I was coming out as TranzCisTrumpGendered, my pronouns are now “Trumpisawesome” and “ILoveTrump”!

I could tell by the likes that none of them were actually reading anything beyond “I’m coming out as Tranz…” and the unicorn emoji’s I started posting on everything. I got lots of love and hearts from anime avatar blue check types, then someone actually read my full bio and attacked. 

They told me that there was no such thing as TransCisTrumpGendered, they denied my existence.  That is a big no-no, so I reported them to Twitter, ten minutes later their account was obviously locked.

I was overjoyed!  I took to Twitter with a new passion I didn’t know I had for Twitter.  Over the course of the next two months, I went around bellyaching about how marginalized I was because of the “TranzCisPhobic” people in our community… lots of high profile Tranzwymmin took the bait and howled about how there’s no such thing as “TranzCis”… and Twitter put them all on the Twitter naughty step for “hate speech”.

Eventually I got banned for calling Hillary the C-word, but it was fun for about six months.

Recently some leftist professor said that all students must list their preferred pronouns or be called “it.”  To this I say fine… my preferred pronouns are “Trumpisawesome” and “IloveTrump.”  If they refuse to use my preferred pronouns or celebrate my TranzCisTrumpGendered identity, they can take it up with the college administration after I report the transphobic behavior.

I’m 53, there’s no way I’m going back to college to learn anything.  However, I plan to register for a couple of gender studies classes just to mess with leftist professors.

One thing about gender identity, it’s about how you feel!  I feel: proud to be American, like paying less for everything including taxes, like being able to defend myself, supportive of my neighbors rights, and of the word of God.

I also feel more orange or harvest peach than “white,” especially these days.

If you feel this way you may actually be TranzCisTrumpGendered too! It’s a gender identity that feels “Yuge,” and can spot fake news in seconds! 

Guess what other gender identity I discovered?  TranzCisTrumpFullyVaxxedGendered!

Did the doctors assign you the wrong vaccine status?  Are the Chicago Police demanding your vaxport?  Well, if you self-identify as TranzCisTrumpFullyVaxxedGendered (preferred pronouns “fullyvaxxed” and “vaxxedfully”) you get to complain about your marginalized status and how the doctors assign the wrong vaxxstatus all the time! If your doctor gives you any guff, just say “hey, the AMA isn’t my trade guild” with a lot of attitude.

Remember: to self-identify is enough, you don’t actually need to have any medical procedures!

This was tried before in Michigan without much success. The problem was that “self-identifies as fully vaxxed” isn’t enough, it must be your gender identity!

Don’t forget to post tranzflags, gay flags, and unicorn emoji’s along with your American Flags on Twitter!  This is very important as it will show how marginalized you are! And insures upvotes from blue-check liberals who don’t read.

Being a TranzCisTrumpGendered Social Justice Warrior on Twitter is fun, I spent a lot of tweets telling activists to “stop being ignorant” and to “educate themselves” about TranzCisTrumpGendered Folkx.  I can’t wait to attend the University of Illinois and try it IRL! (LOL)

Democrats circumvent society by creating word salad and changing the definition of everything.   Instead of bellyaching, Republicans just need to play the same silly game that the Dems are playing. Believe me when I tell you that they will tire quickly when they can’t call us “white supremacists” because it’s a tranzfobick attack on our gender identity.

I have yet to get a leftist to use Trumpisawesome’s preferred pronouns, but Trumpisawesome has started referring to Trumpisawesome’sself in the third person when around liberals, and I’ve sent hundreds of blue checks to the naughty step for not using Trumpisawesome’s preferred pronouns.