Source: Joseph Archer

If we continue to think in 2D while the criminals think in 3D, there is no hope. Arguably, unless Elon Musk or Trump is willing to take the general job against the ruling class and affect the only logical course of action, we will almost certainly continue to be just another totalitarian state like China and Russia and all democratic controlled states.

Try to imagine a scenario where a small cohort of billionaires got together, Trump and Musk excluded, and concluded that clearly, God’s failure to publicly announce their divine right to rule is an oversight. They reasoned that peasants aren’t smart enough to run their own society and that it was their obligation to lead the flock.  They further reasoned that because our country was a democracy, anything they could do to flim-flam the system was justified because of their moral and intellectual superiority. Now try to imagine if you were in that group. How would you take over a country supposedly built on a democratically elected system? Allow me to describe what is the most logical explanation for how the criminal syndicate took over the federal government just as Mayor Dailey took over Chicago and Huey Long took over Louisiana.