Source:  C. Mitchell Shaw

As the Freedom Convoy in Canada continues to challenge the establishment’s stranglehold on the rights of the people, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and announced that he would be ordering banks to freeze accounts of those suspected of helping the truckers. This week, Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti said he would focus on Trump supporters. Trudeau’s continued use of emergency powers is now in violation of the democratic authorization required under Canadian law.

In an interview with CTV News, Lametti was asked about comparing “people who may have donated to this to the same people who are funding maybe a terrorist.” The reporter asked for Lametti’s response to people who may say, “Look, I just don’t like your vaccine mandates and I donated to this, now it’s illegal, should I be worried that the bank can freeze my account?”

Lametti was expected to answer one of two ways: (1) “Of course not. This policy has been blown way out of proportion by right-wing conspiracy theorists,” or (2) “Yes, if you are donating to this thing that we illogically consider a form of terrorism, you should worry that we will freeze your accounts.” But Lametti went for a third option out of far-left field, saying, “Well, I think if you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought to be worried.”

So, average, ordinary Canadian citizens who have donated to the Freedom Convoy are now put on notice by their government that they “ought to be worried.”

Lametti added that truckers could lose their trucking licenses if they participated in the protests, and that there could be penalties for companies who permitted their employees to participate in the Freedom Convoy.

This latest threat of tyranny comes on the heels of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s application of the Emergencies Act, stating that he has “authorized and directed” financial institutions to begin “regulating and prohibiting the use of property to fund or support illegal blockades.” Canada’s Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland explained that financial institutions will “temporarily cease providing financial services where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations,” and that “this order covers both personal and corporate accounts.”

According to Breitbart, Freeland also said, “This is about following the money. This is about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades. We are today serving notice: if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades your corporate accounts will be frozen.” Plus, “The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended. Send your semi-trailers home, the Canadian economy needs them to be doing legitimate work, not to be illegally making us all poor.”

So, those who who have donated to the Freedom Convoy may lose all access to financial institutions and the money they have in those institutions. And truckers who have stood up for their rights by joining the Freedom Convoy may lose all of that as well as their licenses and insurance. While Trudeau and company claim that this is all about “public safety,” it is apparent by now that it is really about power for the sake of power.

And just to cap it all off, even as Trudeau continues to push the vaccine mandates that provoked the Freedom Convoy in the first place, several Canadian premiers have already begun to lift COVID restrictions. In fact, in a move that clearly puts Trudeau at a distance, Ontario Premier Doug Ford made an announcement Tuesday saying that “the world is done” cowering to the pandemic and is ready to “move forward” without Trudeau-style restrictions.

So, while the Castro of Canada may be drunk on power, he is finding himself more and more out of step with Canadians. And as of this writing, that out-of-step cadence is exposed for the world to see. In fact, Trudeau is out of step (and falling out of favor) even outside of Canada. The Week describes Trudeau’s actions as “an extraordinary sequence of events that began on Monday, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history.” That report goes on to say that since Canada’s legislature was closed Friday (due to the Freedom Convoy), the continued use of the Emergency Act is illegal under Canadian law. From that report:

The decision not to … go into session during heavy police action is not so shocking. And prime ministers have been accused of delaying legislative activity for political reasons in the past. Still, today’s announcement is part of an extraordinary sequence of events that began on Monday, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history. The law doesn’t override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms — Canada’s counterpart to the Bill of Rights — but it does give the prime minister expanded authority to restrict demonstrations, freeze funds, and reinforce local authorities with national agencies.

Because it’s such a drastic revision of standard procedures, however, invoking the act also requires approval by both houses of Parliament within seven sitting days of the emergency declaration. With the House of Commons closed, the government is effectively extending the clock on its use of special powers without democratic authorization.

An extra day may not seem like a big deal. But imagine if right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán or another professedly illiberal leader took similar steps. The measures would almost certainly be treated as a prelude to fascism. In fact, we don’t have to imagine a comparison. When Orbán asserted emergency powers to combat the pandemic, he was denounced by European Union officials and a gamut of human rights experts.

So, while right-wingers are such dangerous people that anyone who may be “a member of a pro-Trump movement” is automatically a criminal (or terrorist) and “ought to be worried,” left-winger Trudeau is digging in his heels and acting exactly the way the liberal mainstream media in America and Canada pretend President Trump would act.