The Canadian authorities have made dozens more arrests in the capital city of Ottawa as they move to crush the anti-vaccine mandate Freedom Convoy.

“[W]e have arrested 47 people — that brings the total so far to 170,” said Steve Bell, the Interim Chief of Police for the City of Ottawa, in his latest press conference on the ongoing operation.

“As we continue to take back our streets, City of Ottawa crews and other municipal vehicles came into the area to clean up and tow away all of the demonstrators’ possessions and vehicles,” he bragged.

“When we deployed our officers this morning you saw the public order units on the ground sweeping across the downtown core from east to west and moving demonstrators out of the parliamentary precinct,” he went on, stating that officers “continued to face resistance” while doing so and that “at one point a flare was ignited by a protestor”.

In response, he confirmed, “officers used a chemical irritant, also known as pepper spray, to disperse unlawful demonstrators who were resisting police orders.”

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