Source:  Rich Welsh

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took to the airways on Friday to mock the new book “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC” written by New York Magazine’s editing team. It is a total suck up to the dizzy-headed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Tucker said, “Now, a hagiography of Sandy Cortez is like a box of Fig Newtons. You know it’s wrong to open it, but the temptation is strong, and so we did. And before we knew it, we consumed the whole thing. We still feel sick. So that is what we’re opening with tonight, the new Sandy Cortez book.”

“Yes, it’s a lighter topic than tyranny in Canada or war in Ukraine,” Tucker continued, adding, “We’ve got limited self-control of stuff like this. It’s an amazing book … It opens by comparing Ocasio-Cortez to Jesus and then it suggests that because she once got second place in a high school science competition, she could have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. It is a remarkable piece of journalism.”

Carlson went on to make fun of the excessive praises thrown at AOC in the book, saying, “Imagine if you were the person who wrote that. So here’s this crazed solipsist filming herself as she puts together a coffee table and eats popcorn, the least-compelling film made since Andy Warhol died, and this is what you call it, ‘She’s shone a bright light on her own complicated, multifaceted self.’ He added that when that happens, it’s when you have to be honest with yourself and exclaim, ‘It’s time for me to retire.’”

But the thing that I think got AOC’s brain firing on the one cylinder she has left is when Tucker pointed out what everyone knows but was afraid to say; that AOC is not a woman of color.

While responding to the new book’s noting that AOC is “the first politician in history to live fully out loud while female, and the degradations of womanhood are personal to her” and AOC’s claim that “as a woman of color, it’s so hard to be taken seriously,” the Fox News host said. “There is no place on Earth, outside of American colleges and newsrooms, where Sandy Cortez would be recognized as a ‘woman of color,’ because she’s not. She’s a rich, entitled white lady.”

AOC, who once said she doesn’t care at all what that man has to say, responded on Twitter.

Maybe she was looking in a mirror when she tweeted it?

She even went on to fabricate sexual harassment with Carlson’s staff. Seriously, what is wrong with this woman where every time someone calls her out for something stupid she said or did, she makes it sexual? Can there be a bigger narcissist than AOC?

AOC is a woman doesn’t like to be targeted even though she makes herself a controversial subject for ridicule nearly every time she opens her mouth.

On Saturday, she also posted a question about why Carlson is “allowed/paid” to target her and she played the victim card claiming the Fox News host has endangered her.

This is a woman who attacked Amazon as they were attempting to create a second headquarters in New York City that would have brought tens of thousands of jobs for her constituents. The company pulled out of the deal because of AOC. According to the New York Post, “77% of New Yorkers wanted the Amazon jobs and $150,000 average pay packages, and the governor made a good deal that would have netted NY and NYC $25 billion in tax revenue over 10 years”

AOC also attacked Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue because he had a different opinion of former President Donald Trump and the work he and his administration did for small business in the United States. As a sitting member of the House of Representatives, she posted on social media that she was Googling “how to make your own Adobo,” a cooking spice that is a very popular product of Goya. Our kitchen has three different blends of the delicious spice.

The bartender also attacked Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) who opposed Biden’s highly controversial spending bill. Cuellar, it seems, is also the only Democrat who is honest about what the Biden administration has done to our border by allowing millions of illegal aliens into the country.

She also attacked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) when she rejected Cruz’s support over Wall Street chaos by saying Cruz was “trying to get me killed” during the January 6 two-and-a-half-hour riot simply because the senator from Texas was inside the House chamber when the riot broke out as one of the senators needed to file a disagreement in the certification of certain states because of suspected voting and election irregularities. It was then revealed that AOC was not even inside the Capitol building when the riot took place. She was inside a completely different building that no one entered.

Henry Cuellar isn’t the only Democrat AOC attacked. She went after Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) when she tweeted that “Manchin has weekly huddles w/ Exxon & is one of many senators who gives lobbyists their pen to write so-called ‘bipartisan’ fossil fuel bills.”

AOC also recently went after the Democrat Senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema saying she thinks “the state of Arizona should be represented by a ‘strong Democrat’ and she believed Senator Kyrsten Sinema isn’t that person,” all based on the lie that because Sinema would not support ending the filibuster that Democrats in the Senate wanted to do so that they could completely upend our election process in all 50 states, she is suppressing people’s right to vote. Pure Nonsense.