Source: Wyatt T NwoReport

A Canadian member of parliament (MP) claimed during a speech on the floor of parliament that “honk honk” is a “new acronym for Heil Hitler,” citing no evidence for her bizarre claim.

Far-left MP Ya’ara Saks made this remark on Monday while demanding for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emergency powers to become permanent as despotism takes hold over the Great White North. 

“How many guns need to be seized? How much vitriol do we have to see of “Honk Honk” which is a new acronym [sic] of “Heil Hitler”? What do we need to see by these protesters on social media?” Saks said in the now-infamous clip.

After Yaks was being pilloried on social media over her comments, she posted some drivel from an ANTIFA terrorism supporter about “honk honk” meaning Heil Hitler that predated the trucker freedom convoy by years.