Source: WJ

With the looming Ukraine crisis, rising gas prices and historically low presidential approval ratings, many Americans were feeling rather embittered this Presidents Day, finding little to celebrate by way of White House occupants in 2022.

Some Americans, however, decided to treat their favorite president to a boisterous celebration — regardless of the fact that he’s no longer in office.

As former President Donald Trump enjoyed a few rounds at his West Palm Beach, Florida, golf course on Monday to mark the occasion, what looked like scores of enthusiastic supporters showed up to wish him well.

Sporting massive “Trump Won” flags, popping MAGA regalia and American flags galore, the crowd shouted “We want Trump!” as they cheered and blew air horns.

The former president waved and pumped his fist in the air in response; he’s always in his element in front of a MAGA crowd of any size.