Source: Jim Hoft

Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin is a Russian politician, currently serving as Director-General of Roscosmos, the state space program, since 2018. Previously Dmitry was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of the defense industry from 2011 to 2018.

Rogozin is a President Putin lackey.

On Thursday Dmitry Rogozin called Joe Biden’s latest sanctions the “sanctions of Alzheimer’s.”

Dmitry Rogozin berated America’s latest attempt to punish and control Putin and Russia.

Dmitry says Russia continues to make its own spacecraft despite previous sanctions.

Dmitry says Russia is ready to act and threatens Russian cooperation on the International Space Station.

Finaly Dmity attacked Joe Biden’s mental decline: Gentlemen when planning sanctions, check those who generate them for Alzheimer’s illness.  Just in case…  As a partner, I suggest that you do not behave like an irresponsible gamer, disavow the statement about “Alzheimer’s sanctions”