Source: Steve Watson

In a fascinating exchange Thursday, Ukrainian ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya addressed the United Nations and asked why Russia is still allowed to sit in and be a member while it bombs his country.

In what was clearly an uncomfortable moment for the Security Council, Kyslytsya referred to article four of the UN Charter, noting that the global body opens itself to all “peace loving states” that abide by the obligations within.

Kyslytsya then charged that “Russia is not able to carry out any of these obligations.”

“The ambassador of the Russian Federation three minutes ago confirmed that his president declared a war on my country,” Kyslytsya asserted.

He added “So now I would like to ask the ambassador of the Russian Federation to say on the record that at this very moment, your troops do not shell and bomb Ukrainian cities. That your troops do not move in the territory of Ukraine.”



Kyslytsya proclaimed that “The article four paragraph two of the charter reads ‘the admission of any such state to membership in the United Nations will be affected by a decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.’”

Kyslytsya passed around memos of the legal council of the UN from the 1990s when Russia was recommended and admitted as a member state.

“It would be a miracle if the secretary is able to produce such decisions,” he said, adding “There is nothing in the Charter of the United Nations about continuity, as a sneaky way to get into the organization.”

Kyslytsya continued, “The Russian Federation ought to relinquish responsibilities of the President of the Security Council. Pass these responsibilities on to a legitimate member of Security Council. A member that is respectful of the charter.”

“And I asked the members of the Security Council to convene an emergency meeting immediately and consider all necessary draft decisions to stop the war because it’s too late, my dear colleagues to speak about de-escalation.” he urged.